Happy T-Day! Special Tuesday and Wednesday Delivery Schedule, and Holiday Grocery Add-Ons! – November 20, 2010

Posted by Boston Organics on Nov 20, 2010 11:05:04 AM

Happy Thanksgiving from Boston Organics!

Hi! There are some seasonal changes afoot here at your organic produce delivery company.

Delivery Schedule Changes & Cancellations

Our Thanksgiving week delivery schedule is different from other weeks. If you're slated to get a delivery Thanksgiving week, get your zip code and head off to the Thanksgiving delivery schedule on our website to find out when to expect your produce!

"Boston Organics? During Thanksgiving? I can't use my delivery that week!"

Going out of town, or having guests in? Don't think you can use your Boston Organics delivery? It's easy to cancel your delivery for Thanksgiving week on our website! If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to call us up at 617-242-1700 or email us at service@bostonorganics.com!

Seasonal Grocery and Produce Add-Ons

Now that we've got all that administrative business out of the way, on to the fun stuff: the food! We've got a selection of produce and specialty items you can add on to your order this holiday season. Order them on our site just like regular add-ons! Most will be available right through the end of the year.

Appalachian Naturals Cape Cod's Caviar Cranberry Sauce

Appalachian Naturals Cape Cod's Caviar Cranberry Sauce
(16oz Jar)

A recent addition to our line-up! Appalachian Naturals of Goshen MA sources certified organic cranberries from right here in the Bay State and turns them into some seriously tasty cranberry sauce. Order here!

American Native Organic Missouri Northern Pecans

American Native Organic Missouri Northern Pecans
(8oz Bag)

We met the folks from Missouri Northern Pecan Growers and tried some pecans. They were definitely tasty, maybe the best we'd ever had. But it was soon that western Missouri accent that really got us hooked! We're very happy to offer these nuts. Many say they're the best in the world. We tend to just eat them but you can use them for anything pecans are for, from pies to topping those sweet potatoes. Check out their website for more info and add some to your delivery here!

Jonathan's Organic Cape Cod Cranberries

Jonathan's Organic Massachusetts Cranberries
(8oz bag or plastic box)

Cranberries are particularly rare this year. Weather fluctuations since the spring led to decreased yields, and it's been hard to secure a steady supply of 'berries for many buyers. We got them locked down though! We've got enough Cape Cod cranberries from Jonathan's Organic to last through Thanksgiving. Order 'em up!

Organic Yellow Onions

Organic Onions
(3 lbs)

A bag of yellow onions! Useful for myriad holiday recipes, and just nice to have around the house. These store quite well in a cool, dry place away from potatoes. Order some!

Atlas Farm Local Organic Pumpkins

Atlas Farm Local Organic Pumpkins
(roughly 3lbs)

Organic pumpkins from Atlas Farm in South Deerfield MA! Depending on what's coming out of the fields, this will be either regular pie pumpkins or heirloom long neck pie pumpkins. Any which way, great for pies and making puree. Order this squash!

And those are just the beginning! We've also got:

  • Red and russet potatoes, 5 pound bags
  • Carrots, 2 pound bags
  • Acorn and butternut squash
  • Sweet potatoes, 2 pound bags
  • Celery by the head
  • Crimini and white mushrooms

Order everything you've seen here right on our website!


Thank you and have a very happy Thanksgiving holiday!

The Boston Organics Crew

Boston Organics

50 Terminal Street, Building 2

Charlestown MA 02129

617-242-1700, service@bostonorganics.com

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