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Blueberry Briefings (or where are my Wild Maine Berries?)

Posted by Boston Organics on Aug 15, 2022 4:51:34 PM

8/22/22 No fresh maine wild blueberries this season🙁🙁

It was with heavy heart that we have not been able to procure any fresh Maine Wild Blueberries this season.

Field loss due to extreme heat and drought along with an acute labor shortage have resulted in one of the most challenging seasons since we started delivering the fresh blueberries almost 20 years ago.

We've reached out to our network of growers, suppliers as well as made some cold calls. They've all reported back with similar feedback....

“Thanks for checking in, --we do a lot of fresh-pack organic wild blueberries…, and we've had the same issues (as your network) this year = heat stress on the fruit and short-handed with labor. Our harvest ended last week, with several acres lost in the field, shriveled on the vine. So sorry we can't help you --but feel free to reach out in future years.”

“.. not enough labor to make it happen. We haven’t even been able to get enough fresh out to cover farmers markets.”

“As of this morning all three of my producers have struck out. Labor issues, crop damage from that heat….. They are disheartened and don’t like to disappoint. Apologies from all of us on this one, we don’t like to let you down.”

We are looking into offering frozen wild blueberries and will keep you all posted.

Sorry again for the disappointment. We hope next year will be better. 


The Boston Organics' Crew


8/15/22 Bad News Blues

Unfortunately, Wild Maine Blueberries will not be available this week. The extreme heat has taken its toll on our beloved berries causing extensive damage to the fields. And, as if that's not bad news enough, one of our dependable partner family farms was unable to harvest due to non-Covid related illness. We’re hoping they’ll be tip-top and able to pick this weekend, with blueberries available next week. We've got our fingers crossed! If all goes well we will include your Wild Maine Blueberries in your subsequent order unless you choose to remove it from your subscription.

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Maine Wild Blueberries - They don't call them wild for nothing

Posted by Boston Organics on Aug 28, 2017 7:47:38 AM

The organic Maine wild blueberries from Burke Hill Farm are finally in! But maybe only for this week. Maine wild blueberries are the best kind of blueberries and one of the true highlights of summer in New England. They’re not like the ones you find at the supermarket. They’re smaller and have an intense flavor. They’re amazing and great for baking, making smoothies or sprinkling on your breakfast cereal.

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