Summer Sweepstakes: Play to win A Taste of Taza

Posted by Boston Organics on Jun 25, 2012 9:09:34 AM

Boston Organics’ summer sweepstakes is in full bloom. From now until the middle of August, customers can earn points for each delivery received during the Sweepstakes time period and for participating in our Weekly Promotion for bonus points. Why accrue points? So you, Loyal Customers, can win prizes!

If you have 5 or more points at the end of the Sweepstakes, you will be eligible to win one of our amazing prizes like a Taza Chocolate Gift Box and Apron.

A Taste of Taza is the ultimate Taza Chocolate gift. This brimming box lets serious chocolate lovers experience the full range of intense flavors and bold textures of Taza Stone Ground Chocolate. The gift box features fresh Roasted Cacao Nibs, a variety of Stone Ground Chocolate Bars and Taza's unique Chocolate Mexicanos rounds. While preparing sweet creations in your kitchen, wrap yourself in a Taza Chocolate Apron. Not coincidentally, this American-made cloth is a beautiful deep brown, the color of chocolate.

The Taza Chocolate Factory is in Somerville, MA. Using the highest quality cacao possible, Taza Chocolate is made from Fair Trade beans, reflecting a dedication to exceptional chocolate, economic sustainability and socially responsible business practices. Visit more information or to plan your visit.

For a bonus point this week, send us an email to let us know why you eat organic! Email and finish the statement "I eat organic because...." and we'll award you a bonus point!

For more information on our Summer Sweepstakes, read about it on our blog!

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