New Add-On: Potted Organic Basil from Happy Valley Organics!

Posted by Amy Levine on Apr 12, 2013 7:46:00 AM

Local Organic Basil

Spring brings the beginning of many new flavors, including fresh herbs! We're excited to begin offering fresh, locally-grown organic herbs in boxes and as add-ons from Happy Valley Organics of Whately, MA.

We're bringing in herb season with a bang. Our first herb of the season is a crowd favorite, and one of our favorite aromas - fresh basil! Not only will we have 3/4 oz containers of organic basil going out in boxes next week; we also have potted basil plants available as add-ons for $2.75.


Keeping a Basil Plant Alive:

Basil plants are fairly sensitive. Here are a few tips to keep your basil plant alive and healthy:

  • Water: Keep the basil moist. Water regularly so the soil doesn't dry up, but don't let it get too soggy.
  • Sunlight: Basil loves sunlight, so make sure it's kept in a place where it can get sun throughout the day. If you're keeping the plant indoors, a sunny window is best!
  • Remove flower buds: Pick off any flower buds. When the plant starts flowering, all of its energy will go to the flowers, so pinch them off.
  • Use frequently: Taking off big leaves makes room for little ones to grow. One trick we've heard is to leave the bottom two leaves on each stem. The good news is that it shouldn't be hard to use fresh basil on a regular basis!
Basil Recipes

If you ever need recipes to help you get through the abundance of fresh basil coming your way, we have basil recipes galore! When in doubt, a big batch of pesto goes with anything and can be frozen for later use.

Click here to add a basil plant to your order!


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