Getting the Most of the Produce Season

Posted by Amy Levine on May 8, 2013 11:42:56 AM

Boston Farmers Market

Boston Organics + Farmers Markets = A Match Made in Food Heaven!

Farmers market season is on the horizon, and we know everyone is excited to see what local farms are bringing in from the fields. While you might feel like you need to drop your Boston Organics account to take advantage of the market, we think there can be a pretty neat symbiotic relationship between our deliveries and the goodies at the farmers market.

We’ve put together some fresh ideas on how to get the best of both worlds!

Change your box type:

  • Change your box type to an all fruit or all vegetable box and pick up the other produce items at your farmers market.
    • Our all fruit box is full of 100% organic fruits, including many that are harder to come by at the farmers market (due to the challenges of growing fruit organically in New England).
    • Our Dogma Box (the local box) is like your very own CSA box delivered to your door!
  • Change your box-type to a smaller box. You will still be able to order our local add-ons, receive fresh organic produce from our growers, and grab your favorite ingredients from the market without having too much food.

Grocery List:

  • Use your order tag as a grocery list. Each delivery comes with an order tag - about the size of a post-it note - on the side of the box. Take this slip with you to the farmers market to use as reference; that way you won't end up buying produce you already have.


  • Utilize your no-list as a seasonal tool. If you are familiar with your local farmers market, you know they will have certain items you are looking for. Block those items on your no-list for the season, and we will substitute them with items of equal value. This will ensure that you get the best of both!

Hopefully these 3 easy tips will help you navigate the many awesome options for local food this summer!

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