What to Expect from Local, Organic Apples

Posted by Amy Levine on Oct 31, 2013 9:01:12 AM

Local Organic Apples

As we all know, fall in New England means local apples a'plenty! Local, organic apples come in all sizes and colors, and they don't always look like the picture perfect apples you see in the store all year. Though they may look a little different, there's lots to love about local apples!

Here are some good things to know about the differences between local, organic apples and conventional apples. Thanks to our friends at Bird of the Hand Farm in Sterling, Massachusetts, for the great tips!

Local Organic Apples Are:

  • Very flavorful! You can't beat the complex flavors of an apple that has been grown by your neighbor and picked this week.
  • Nutritious.
  • More varied: the many varieties have different flavors, textures, and colors!
  • Safer for children and adults to eat. Conventional apples contain the highest levels of pesticide residues.
  • Safer for farmers to grow, by exposing the farmer to milder and more gentle inputs.
  • Supportive of the local economy and the local farmer.
  • An aid to keeping groundwater unpolluted.
  • Individual, with each fruit colored and shaped according to what happened in nature.

Local Organic Apples Are Not:

  • As picture perfect as a supermarket organic apple.
  • Flawless on their exteriors. Apples may have superficial blemishes on the skin which can be scrubbed off but are also harmless if eaten.
  • Always red. Apples may have a light coating of clay material that is used as a pesticide in organic growing. This naturally occurring substance can be polished or washed off.
  • Washed before delivery, as this would speed up the over-ripening and decay of the apple.


The next time you see a quirky local apple, don't be so quick to judge it by its peel. Sometimes the weirdest looking fruits have the sweetest flavor.

To get your share of local apples and other seasonal organic fruits, check out our Seasonal Produce Add-Ons!



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