5 Ways Our Delivery Drivers Are Better Than Delivery Drones

Posted by Amy Levine on Dec 13, 2013 5:03:34 AM

Sean Drone | Boston Organics

Earlier this week, Amazon.com revealed that in addition to helping the CIA with networked computer technology, the company is developing the technology to deliver packages to your homes using unmanned, autonomous drones. Sure, that’s cool and all, but we’ve got a secret weapon of our own…the Boston Organics Driver!

Here are 5 ways that Boston Organics Drivers are better than Amazon’s Drones:

1. A drone couldn't help the Warren-Prescott School build a garden:

Garden school | Boston Organics

John helped the Warren-Prescott School (K-8) in Charlestown set up a school garden. These kids were excited to get their hands dirty!

2. A drone wouldn't dress up like a banana for Halloween while making deliveries on a cargo bike:

Larry Cargo Banana

Larry delivered bananas while dressed as a banana...that's bananas!

3. A drone wouldn't help a stranger jump start her car when the battery dies:



Tyler used his van to help a woman jump start her car earlier this month. Now they're friends.

4. A drone couldn't entertain you with expert cabbage juggling:

Andy Juggle | Boston Organics

Don't worry folks, your cabbages are safe. Andy only juggles with his own fruits and vegetables.

5. A drone couldn't shoot the breeze with you or offer you great produce tips!

Sean comment | Boston Organics

Sean is one of our newest drivers, but his smile is infectious.

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Have you ever seen our drivers do something extraordinary, amazing, spectacular, or simply plain better than a drone?! We'd love to hear about it!

Share your story through email, Facebook, or Twitter (#NotADrone).


Tom Pointing | Fleet Boston Organics

"Take that, you drones!"


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