Seven Hills Pasta: Italian Tradition, American Made

Posted by Boston Organics on Oct 25, 2022 7:25:07 AM

The organic food movement has turned average consumers into discerning foodies. There’s now an important premium on freshness and sourcing. And that’s a good thing, for sure.

Seven_Hills_pasta_Giulio_CarolLocally made pasta 

We're focusing on getting your pantry ready for fall and what could be better, and more handy, in your cupboard than traditionally made Italian pasta! Beyond texture, there is great convenience with dried pasta. “Especially with busy working families it’s great to have something in the cabinet that’s not perishable but still ready to eat in just a few minutes and made locally.”

We’re proud to offer delicious, small-batch Seven Hills Pasta, created by Giulio and Carol in Melrose, MA.

seven_hills_pasta_casarecce_whole_wheat_600pxEver since he was a young child Giulio has been making pasta. Born and raised in Italy, some of his fondest memories are making fresh pasta alongside his grandmother, "Nonna Lina" in her small village outside of Rome. And Carol knew she wanted to leverage her Master’s Degree in Marketing to become more involved in the local food movement. Their shared passion for simple, local food is what shaped Seven Hills Pasta Co, named for the seven hills on which Rome is built.

Their pasta making process begins by selecting high quality Semola Di Grano Duro wheat flour, then mixing it with water. That’s it! Soft dough is gently kneaded in pasta machines imported from Italy and extruded through custom bronze dies where it acquires the characteristic rough texture that even the silkiest of sauces will cling to. Finally, the pasta undergoes a 24 hour drying period thus gaining the firm al dente quality that separates an ordinary plate of pasta from a truly memorable meal.

Try it today in one these delicious recipes!

Spinach Pesto Fusilli Pasta  


Baked Pasta with Swiss Chard


Caramelized Sweet Potato, Garlic and Rosemary Mac 'n Cheese



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