Fresh from the Farm: A New Partner & Summery Add-Ons

Posted by Tamara Monroe on Jul 17, 2016 2:30:00 PM

Tomorrow night, July 19th, we celebrate the Buck Moon, which is the full moon that occurs the time of  year when male deer begin growing antlers. The moon is also described as the Thunder Moon since it appears in the height of summer thunderstorm season. In keeping with the mid-summer theme, boxes this week will be booming with a bounty of produce, many of which are being harvested from right here in New England.

This Week's Crowning GloryTomatillos

One new and important contributor to this week's local offerings is Queens Greens, located in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. The small organic Amherst farm is bringing us a medley of produce, including tangy tomatillos, beautiful bell peppers and fragrant fennel.

Tomatillos are round, typically green fruits that grow in an inedible, paper-like husk. They range in size from a golf ball to a tennis ball and have a tart flavor that’s familiar to anyone who’s ever eaten an authentic salsa verde. Domesticated by the Aztecs around 800 BCE, tomatillos are a member of the nightshade family and one of the oldest “New World” plants still grown today.

This is the first time we've had tomatillos this year, and we're looking forward to putting them to use in this recipe for Low-Fat Tomatillo Guacamole. If you opt to try this ultra-easy recipe, don't forget to order avocados and chips to complete the perfect snack to nosh as you take in that full moon. 

Watermelon Mania

Few fruits embody the carefree summer spirit more than watermelon. With every thirst-quenching bite, you can't help but smile as you slurp up the messy drips and sweet pulp.

This week we are offering the Boston Organics Community the ability to order certified organic mini watermelons, which weigh in at a convenient 3-4 pounds apiece, for $6.50. No need to haul a melon back form the grocery store—we'll bring it to your door. 

If you can resist just slicing and eating it, we recommend trying it in this simple recipe for Tomato, Watermelon and Basil Skewers. Fresh, healthy and a great side for your next cookout. It's a great way to use up a bit of basil, too.

Get a watermelon in your next delivery.

Sriracha is Back, BabyKitchen Garden Sriracha

Our favorite sriracha is back and we can't wait to share it with you. The Kitchen Garden produces this subtly spicy sauce using their own organic hot peppers. They start by selecting fully ripe peppers from the fields, which are then ground together with garlic, sugar and salt, then fermented for several days. After fermentation, the pepper mash is passed through a food mill to remove all of the skins and seeds. It's cooked with vinegar, then bottled to lock in that addicting flavor! 

And boy will enjoy it. Get a bottle in your next delivery.


This Week's Local Produce


Atlas Farm
(South Deerfield, MA)
Beets | Chard | Collard Greens
Kale | Dandelion Greens
Red Leaf Lettuce | Spring Onions

The Kitchen Garden
(Sunderland, MA)
Summer Squash

Blue Ox Farm
(Enfield, NH)
Salad Tomatoes

Witchcat Farm
(Enosburg, VT)
Garlic Scapes

Jonathan's Sprouts
(Rochester, MA)
Clover Sprouts

Red Fire Farm
(Granby, MA)
Pickling Cucumbers

Queen's Greens
(Amherst, MA)
Baby Bunched Fennel
Bell Peppers

Dwight Miller and Son Orchards
(E. Dummerston, VT)


All of the fruits and vegetables we deliver are grown without synthetic pesticides and are USDA certified organic. Interested in receiving produce that's both organic and locally sourced all year round? Check out our Local Dogma Box.

Similar to a CSA or farm share, our Local Dogma Box is filled with the best organic produce from local and regional farms and brought right to your door each week. It's the easiest way to eat like a locavore!

This Week's Dogma Box

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