Will you beet my valentine?

Posted by Boston Organics on Feb 14, 2019 10:05:38 AM

This week, we’re spreading the love! Providing you top-notch food one liners, featuring add-on chocolate to surprise your sweetie when they open up their Boston Organics box, and showing extra love for our local growers! 

Food one liners

Will you beet my valentine? 

We were made for peach other.

You amaze me. You always leave me s-peach-less!

You are the raisin my heart is so full.

I love you berry much!

I am bananas for you.

It takes two to mango (tango).

Lettuce celebrate # years of marriage!

Your feet may smell but I don't carrot all!

We are unbeetable together.

You're as cool as a cucumber.

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Chocolate partners


Taza Chocolate

Located in Somerville, MA. Taza is the only maker of 100% stone ground chocolate in the United States, and they're right down the street from our warehouse! They source organically grown cacao beans directly from small farmer coops, and they ensure those farmers receive more than fair trade prices for their high quality cacao. They now have a factory store and scheduled factory tours, be sure to stop by one day and check out their operation.

Allergen and Facilities Information: In addition to their Direct Trade Cacao Certification, Taza Chocolate is also USDA Certified Organic, Certified Gluten Free, GMO-free and Kosher Pareve. Taza Chocolate is also dairy free, soy free and vegan.


Equal Exchange

Located in Bridgewater, MA. Equal Exchange is an employee-owned co-op that started up in Boston almost twenty five years ago. They source a wide variety of raw and processed foods from farmer-owned co-ops all around the world in accordance with strict ethical guidelines called "Fair Trade." We carry a number of their roasted coffees and teas, and their hot chocolate mix.

Shop Chocolate


This Week's Local Produce

For Valentine’s Day, show some love for local growers and producers. Consider local businesses as you ponder the perfect present. Prepare a meal for your beloved highlighting local ingredients from the Dogma box!


Winter Moon Roots
(Hadley, MA)

Happy Valley Organics
(Whately, MA)

What Cheer Fruit & Produce
(Northampton, MA)

Nature's Circle Farm
(Aroostook County, ME)

Boston Organics - Eat Local

All of the fruits and vegetables we deliver are grown without synthetic pesticides and are USDA certified organic. Interested in receiving produce that's both organic and locally sourced all year round? Check out our Local Dogma Box.

Similar to a CSA or farm share, our Local Dogma Box is filled with the best organic produce from local and regional farms and brought right to your door each week. It's the easiest way to eat like a locavore!

This Week's Local Box


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