Happy Earth Day!

Posted by Boston Organics on Apr 22, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Happy Earth Day! Normally we’d encourage everyone to go out, plant a tree or some flowers, and enjoy spending time outside. Instead, this year let’s bring the Earth inside with us. Here are a few ways to support the environment without going outside.

How to celebrate Earth Day

  1. Ditch the single-use plastic water bottles
  2. Reduce food waste by learning now to preserve or ferment
  3. Start an indoor herb garden or terrace vegetable garden
  4. Make an Earth Day window sign
  5. Take on the 22 Days of Earth Day Challenge 
  6. Binge watch environmental documentaries
  7. Start crafting with your recycle or trash items


Boston Organic's Impact on the environment

Here at our office and warehouse, we're constantly evaluating the environmental impact of our operations to make sure we get healthy organic food to you in the most sustainable way possible. We'd like to share some of the things we've been doing!

Bottleless water dispenser

Water Dispenser
By switching to a bottleless water dispenser, we’re eliminating the use of plastic bottles for our water storage. This particular system’s environmental impact is equivalent to planting 30 trees per year.








Breakroom Recycling and Composting Stations

Recycling and Composting stations in our break room

We recently put a 3-bin recycling and composting station in our break room so less goes in the trash and more items go where they should! Our employees also made additional labels to help us all identify what goes where.







Motion sensor lighting

Motion Sensor Lighting

We installed a motion detector lighting system in 2 of the most high-traffic rooms in our office – the conference room and the break room. After 5 minutes of detected inactivity, the lights will turn themselves off. This has also made for some funny moments during meetings if we’re not moving very much!








In addition to these recent endeavors, composting and recycling remain essential to our daily operations. Here are a few facts for you!

  • In 2019, we composted 9,600 lbs of produce with Black Earth Compost.
  • In 2019, we donated 38,345 lbs of produce to Food For Free.
  • Since we were founded in 2002, 100% of our produce is USDA Certified Organic. We're supporting farmers that grow without the use of synthetic pesticides which decrease biodiversity and long term soil healthy.
black_earth_compost_logo_dark FoodForFree_horizontal-logo

It's your support and belief in a healthy food system that allows us to do what we do! From all of us here at Boston Organics, thank you for your continued support, and Happy Earth Day!

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