You're missing out on cabbage

Posted by Boston Organics on Dec 23, 2020 8:15:00 AM


Cabbage is often overlooked and thought of as bland. With a mild flavor, it compliments any flavor profile. It can add crispness to your sandwich or spring roll, or beef up your next stew. And it’s extremely affordable if you’re looking to stretch your dollar. These are our favorite cabbage recipes!

Pear and cabbage slaw

pear-and-cabbage-slaw-450pxEnjoy this slightly sweet, extremely crisp pear and cabbage slaw.

Grilled or Pressed Teriyaki Cabbage Steaks

Teriyaki_Cabbage_steaks_4_plated2_1080pxThis recipe will turn anyone into a veggie lover! 

Sauerkraut for beginners

sauerkraut_3_weighing_down1_1080px-1If this is your first time fermenting, try this approachable recipe. Guides and tips!

Cabbage soup with butternut squash

sauerkraut_2_slicing_cabbage1_1080pxWarming soup recipe packed with veggie favorites!

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