How to Make the Most of Summer at the Office

Posted by Rebecca Bilodeau on Aug 5, 2016 10:37:26 AM

Though it looks like the heat wave may be breaking, there is still plenty of summertime left. Keep yourself cool and refreshed throughout the season, whether or not your office is air-conditioned to your taste. Read our top four favorite ways to embrace summertime heat, take a mini-vacation at your desk and make the most of the season in the office.

Iced CoffeeBoston Organics - Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Invigorating iced coffee is the ultimate summer treat, bolstering your energy so you can make the most of long, sunny days and evenings. Nip over to the coffee shop, or let the coffee shop come to you by ordering bottles of Commonwealth Coffee Company’s cold brew Beantown Blend through Boston Organics. This smooth coffee is low in acid and high in flavor, and is brewed with organic, fairly traded Colombian beans. Get your fix now.

Don’t waste any leftover hot coffee from the company pot. Turn it into the perfect eleven o’clock indulgence with this recipe for Thai iced coffee. Kick up your in-office iced coffee routine by freezing any leftover coffee in an ice-cube tray. No watered down coffee for you!


infused waterBoston Organics - Infused Water

Something about fruit-infused water just seems terribly luxurious. Sitting back with a colorful, flavorful glass is the perfect antidote to a dog day afternoon. It will also keep you hydrated in the process, which is one of the key steps to fully enjoying summertime.

To make fruit infused water, simply place your choice of fruit in a jar, cover with water, seal and place in the fridge for at least an hour (leave it overnight for an extra boost!). Some of our favorite flavors include strawberry-lemon, kiwi, peach-blueberry and grapefruit-orange. Make sure that your office kitchen is always stocked with fruit for all your experiments with Boston Organics' weekly fruit delivery.

frozen fruitBoston Organics - Frozen Grapes

On scorching days, you just need something cold, really cold, right now, to bring relief. Though ice cream or a sugary popsicle may be the first thing you reach for, there are plenty of healthy, simple and refreshing snacks to help bring down the temperature. Next time the forecast calls for a rise in the mercury, do your future self a favor and throw a container of grapes and orange slices in the freezer. Nature’s popsicles are full of sweet flavor and water, so that, when frozen, they have a soft ice-pop texture. And if you need to drop a little frozen grape down the back of your shirt to wake yourself up, go ahead, we’re not looking.


sriracha snacksBoston Organics - Kitchen Garden Sriracha

For those who relish the heat, turn it up with sriracha chili sauce from the Kitchen Garden in Sunderland, MA. Sriracha and peanut butter are the hottest new pair in town. Layer PB, sriracha and apple slices on toast or rye crackers for a satisfyingly spicy snack. Drizzle sriracha over your microwave popcorn to lend it a savory kick. The spice will have you sweating it out like a pro. Order Kitchen Garden brand Sriracha with your next delivery.

For more tips on creating a healthy office, check out our healthy workplace guide.

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