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Posted by Eric Siegel on May 26, 2015 11:22:00 AM
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***UPDATE: Effective the week of 6/22/2015 we will no longer offer al FreshCo meal kits.***

Boston Organics already makes it easy for you to keep your kitchen stocked with fresh, organic ingredients. But starting next week, we’re teaming up with al FreshCo to deliver ready-to-cook organic meal kits directly to your door—making it even easier for you to prepare healthy food in your own home.

Al FreshCo is a local start-up whose mission is to “make the alternative food system less alternative.” They source organic produce from some of our local farm partners and prepare the ingredients in Jamaica Plain’s Crop Circle Kitchen. Each one of al FreshCo’s meal kits includes everything you need to make a delicious dinner that will feed two hungry adults—right down to the olive oil and salt.

How alFreshCo Works

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The Boston Organics Crew tried a few of their meal kits earlier this spring and we loved that al FreshCo’s dishes are creative and flavorful, yet super easy to make. There are 3-4 basic instructions printed on each kit’s recyclable package (the hardest being to roll out the dough for flatbread pizza).

All of al FreshCo’s meal kits are vegan and genuinely feed two people. Of course, you’re allowed to add your own meat or additional ingredients, but we found that everything you need for a gratifying dinner is included with each kit. You can see photos of the meals we tried below, but first here are some important details about these new Meal Kit Add-ons. 

  • Only Boston Organics members with regularly scheduled Wednesday and Thursday deliveries are able to order al FreshCo Meal Kits at this time. (If you receive your delivery is on a different day, but are interested in ordering al Freshco Meal Kits, we can put you on a wait list. Just send us an email.)
  • Every week you will have the option of ordering the seasonal flatbread entrée and one other rotating entrée. Each meal kit feeds two people and costs $17 when purchased separately. Order both meals for $32 and save $2!
  • Because the ingredients in the meal kits have already been washed, sliced, chopped, etc. we recommend that they are stored in your refrigerator and eaten within 3 days of delivery. Please leave a clearly labled cooler in your drop-off location.
  • The deadline for ordering al FreshCo meal kits is 12-noon the Friday before your next delivery.

Schedule & Ordering Deadlines

Delivery Dates Rotating Entree Order Deadline
 6/3 (Wed) & 6/4 (Thurs)  Buddha Bowl  5/29 (Fri)
 6/10 (Wed) & 6/11 (Thurs)  Peanut Satay  6/5 (Fri)
 6/17 (Wed) & 6/18 (Thurs)  Farro  6/12 (Fri)
 6/24 (Wed) & 6/25 (Thurs)  Stir-Fry  6/19 (Fri)
 7/1 (Wed) & 7/2 (Thurs)  Buddha Bowl  6/26 (Fri)
 7/8 (Wed) & 7/9 (Thurs)  Peanut Satay  7/3 (Fri)
 7/15 (Wed) & 7/16 (Thurs)  Farro  7/10 (Fri)
 7/22 (Wed) & 7/23 (Thurs)  Fritters  7/17 (Fri)
 7/29 (Wed) & 7/30 (Thurs)  Buddha Bowl  7/24 (Fri)
 8/5 (Wed) & 8/6 (Thurs)  Peanut Satay  7/31 (Fri)
 8/12 (Wed) & 8/13 (Thurs)  Farro  8/7 (Fri)
 8/19 (Wed) & 8/20 (Thurs)  Stir-Fry  8/14 (Fri)
 8/26 (Wed) & 8/27 (Thurs)  Buddha Bowl  8/21 (Fri)
 9/2 (Wed) & 9/3 (Thurs)  Peanut Satay  8/28 (Fri)


While the seasonal veggies, fruit and herbs will change based on what's harvesting at the farms, the base ingredients of each kit will remain consistent as follows:

Buddha Bowl:
Produce: Varies. Seasonally sourced from local and organic farms.
Grain: Lone Pine Short Grain Brown Rice
Legume: Vermont Bean Crafters' Red Merlot Beans
Sauce: Nutritional yeast*, olive oil, sesame seeds, cracked black pepper, sea salt*.
Contains: Sesame
Produce: Varies. Seasonally sourced from local and organic farms.
Grain: Champlain Valley Farro
Note: Farro is in the wheat family, and therefore contains some gluten, making it an unsuitable grain for those with celiac. Being an heirloom grain, it is generally found to be more tolerable to those with wheat intolerance than GM wheat strains. 
Produce: Varies. Seasonally sourced from local and organic farms.
Dough: Champlain Valley Milling Organic Whole Wheat and White Flour, rosemary.
Sauce: Extra virgin olive oil, nutritional yeast*, chili powder, cracked black pepper, sea salt*.
Contains: Wheat

Produce: Varies. Seasonally sourced from local and organic farms.
Grain: Millet
Protein: Chickpea
Spices: Cinnamon*, cracked black pepper, sea salt*
Peanut Satay:
Produce: Varies. Seasonally sourced from local and organic farms.
Legume: Vermont Bean Crafters’ Organic Black Turtle Beans
Grain: Lone Pine Organic Brown Rice
Sauce: Once Again Peanut Butter, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos*, ginger, cayenne red pepper, unfiltered apple cider vinegar.
Contains: Peanuts, Soy
Produce: Varies. Seasonally sourced from local and organic farms.
Grain: Lone Pine Short Grain Brown Rice
Legume: Split green peas
Spices: Coriander*, coconut oil, cumin*, turmeric*, cayenne pepper

*All spices are being transitioned to certified organic, but some might not yet be. Bragg's Liquid Aminos are certified Non-GMO but not certified organic. Nutritional yeast is not certified organic. There is no organic certification for salt in the US at this time.

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