Supporting Immigrant-Owned Farms

Posted by Boston Organics on May 11, 2022 2:13:42 PM


We love the connections that we've made with the local organic farming community over our almost 20 years delivering organic food in the greater Boston area, and the part we've played in helping the farmers build their businesses and support one another.

In 2008 Michael Docter of Winter Moon Roots in Hadley, MA approached Boston Organics about supplying us with their storage carrots. He was building his business, a carbon neutral 30 acre organic root vegetable farm and needed a reliable market for his produce. We agreed to purchase 1000 lbs of carrots per week, ensuring he could get his business off the ground and the rest is history. We've relied on his beautiful, organic root vegetables ever since.

Just last week we learned from another of our suppliers, Atlas Farms, about a GoFund me campaign to help Rosendo Santizo, stay with me here, buy Winter Moon Farms from Michael.

Rosendo (pictured here), an immigrant from Guatemala, has worked at Winter Moon Roots, for the past 12 years, learning the ins-and-outs of running this gem in the Pioneer Valley. With Michael turning his attention to other foodie endeavors, like handmade organic corn tortillas from Mi Tierra, Rosendo, with a little help from friends in the organic food community, is well positioned to continue the tradition of Winter Moon Roots and to be part of the resurgence of immigrant owned farms in Western Mass.

That we are part of this community of small, family owned farms bringing healthy, organic, locally grown produce to you, makes our hearts sing and puts smiles on our faces. We hope we've made you smile today too!

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