Local & Regional Produce - January 20, 2021

Posted by Boston Organics on Jan 20, 2021 9:40:55 AM

Boston Organics' customers are helping to support and sustain a network of local farms, local suppliers, and local businesses. Since we are not limited to sourcing from just one farm, Boston Organics is able to offer our customers a broad selection of produce, year round! Check out what's local and regional this week...

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what is local?

Unlike the term "organic," which is strictly regulated by the USDA, there is no legal definition and no labeling guides for what exactly can be called "local" food. 

Here at Boston Organics, we take a more regional approach by sourcing much of our local produce from the northeast region (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine). Here's what's local & regional this week:

Radishes Watermelon MA - Winter Moon Roots
Beets MA - Winter Moon Roots
Carrots MA - Winter Moon Roots
Turnips Purple top MA - Winter Moon Roots
Turnips Scarlet MA - Winter Moon Roots
Potatoes ME - Nature's Circle Farm
Rutabagas  VT
Cabbage Savoy VT
Radicchio   VT
Green Bell Peppers East Coast, USA
Cabbage Green East Coast, USA
Grape Tomatoes East Coast, USA - Lady Moon Farms
Kale East Coast, USA - Lady Moon Farms
Green Leaf Lettuce East Coast, USA - Lady Moon Farms
Summer Squash Green East Coast, USA - Lady Moon Farms
Collard Greens East Coast, USA - Lady Moon Farms
White Mushrooms PA
Crimini Mushrooms PA


Check out what's in our dogma box this week

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