Get to know the look and peel of your Mandarins

Posted by Boston Organics on Nov 2, 2020 12:04:00 PM

Mandarins, a type of orange, are great snacks that are filled with juicy goodness. There are hundreds of breeds of mandarins and some we have included in your deliveries in the past are Tangerines, Clementines, Satsuma, and Tango.

Mandarin varieties 

Mandarin oranges are a small, loose-skinned variety of the common orange, typically sweeter and less acidic than the larger oranges. 


Tangerines: Pictured above. Usually more tart in flavor, and is a deeper orange/red color than the common mandarin. (1)



Clementines: Pictured above. This sweet variety is usually seedless and easy to peel, making it great for kids. Brands like “Cuties” or “Sweeties” commonly use clementines. They are easier to peel than tangerines, but not as easy to peel as Satsumas. (1)



Satsuma: Pictured above. This is a seedless variety originating in Japan. They are a lighter orange, sweet, juicy, and seedless. They are also the easiest variety to peel. The most tender, easily damaged type of mandarin, Satsuma mandarin oranges are harder to find fresh in stores. (1)



Tango: Pictured above. Tango mandarins are seedless, have a deep orange color, easy-peel rind and tangy-sweet flavor.

When mandarin oranges are freshly picked they are typically washed, then sprayed with a thin coating of a wax that's approved for this food use. The wax helps hold in the fruit's natural moisture. The peel may have white spots or a gloss to it because of this coating. Our tango mandarins are coated with “food grade vegetable beeswax, carnauba, and/or wood resin wax to maintain freshness”.(See picture below)



Mandarin recipes

Mandarins are a perfect quick snack. But adding citrus flavors brings a brightness and zing to your cooking! Here are some recipes that you can make at home to utilize your mandarins! Mandarin Brunch Bowl with Spicy Orange Peanut Sauce. Mandarin Orange Vinaigrette. Salted Chocolate Covered Mandarin Slices (pictured below).


You can learn about other citrus varieties in this other blog post! 


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