Member Spotlight: Lillie Marshall

Posted by Boston Organics on Jan 6, 2021 11:36:20 AM

Lillie Marshall is a middle school teacher, mother of two young kids, and a writer. She runs Around the World "L" Travel and Life blog, Teaching Traveling Global Education Community, and Drawings Of... Educational Cartoon site.

She has quite a lot going on -- a full plate so to speak -- and Boston Organics deliveries have made grocery shopping easier and safer during pandemic-times.


When first signing up for Boston Organics in 2014, Lillie admitted she was a little nervous about the produce. “I didn’t think I’d know how to cook all the unique and surprise produce, but quickly grew to love it. During 2020, it’s been even more of a lifesaver!... We’ve completely stopped going to the grocery store because with all its Add Ons, Boston Organics literally has everything a family needs to eat -- and to eat WELL. The amazing thing about this shift from supermarket to BO is that we now have NOTHING unhealthy in our house. This has shifted our palates so dates become thrilling dessert foods! I’ve ended up losing weight and feeling much better than I have in years.”

Some of her latest add-ons:



Maintaining a healthy mind and body


“Health has been put in the spotlight, front and center. I am now completely committed to daily healthy eating, hydration, walks outside, meditation, talking with friends on the phone, and exercise. Each has made a world of difference. Like many, we are looking long and hard at how we want to spend our precious time on this planet"

If you are also working from home, it can be easy to turn into a screen zombie. Take some time to unplug!

"Daily exercise is key, and it can be done affordably and easily at home. I just put together a giant guide to one of the most popular on demand workout streaming sites on the web here. Hope it’s helpful!” 



Teaching during the pandemic

lillie_marshal_house_logs_bread_600px Maritere_customer_lillie_marshall_latina_history_doll_sew_feature_600px

“Remote teaching has actually created some amazing opportunities that we never had before. For example, classes can start at a healthier hour (9am versus 7am), and we can do partnerships with organizations that usually are only after school, such as Teens in Print!”. When some days are more difficult than others, what gives inspires LM is “the resilience, creativity, and joy of kids has really kept our spirits up! Check out this fun, healthy “gingerbread house” our little ones put together! Definitely put a smile on my face.” 

Check out these amazing educational Black & Latina dolls made by Lillie's teacher colleague, Maritere! (pictured above)


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