Parsnips Are to Boston As Carrots Are to New York

Posted by Boston Organics on Apr 5, 2015 6:45:00 AM

Parsnips vs. Carrots | Boston OrganicsIf New Yorkers were carrots, parsnips would be the Bostonians of the vegetable world. For no discernible reason, parsnips are inhibited by a bit of an inferiority complex despite being much friendlier to the palate than the more popular orange root.

Lots of TV shows and movies portray New Yorkers happily eating carrots. And while we couldn't find any famous movies with scenes about parsnips, rumor has it that Good Will Hunting had some promising deleted scenes.

Famous Carrots

Parsnips and carrots can both be harvested in the fall and eaten all winter long, but much like Bostonians, the ivory-skinned root has a love-hate relationship with the cold. Parsnips and Bostonians are both hardy enough to survive even the bitterest of winters while carrots and New Yorkers wither at the first sign of snow.

In fact, parsnips can be kept in the ground all winter long, allowing the cold weather to convert the root’s starches into natural sugars. So spring-dug parsnips, much like Bostonians, literally become sweeter as the ground thaws.

Organic Parsnips | Boston Organics

Parsnips have a solid core, which can be easily popped out when the cylindrical root is cut into quarters and are also a little nutty, much like any true diehard Pats fan.

Parsnips could also beat the Yankees in a seven game series without breaking a sweat.

Parsnip Recipes

Alright, enough with the extended metaphor already. Here's some of our favorite parsnip (and carrot) recipes:

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