Purchaser's Corner - 3/29/21

Posted by Boston Organics on Mar 29, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Welcome to the Purchaser’s Corner! Here you’ll find periodic updates from our Purchasing Team on what’s new and exciting from our farm partners, as well insight into the world of our farmers.

local farm update

If you're a long time Boston Organics fan, or self-proclaimed locavore, you might start to learn the local farms we frequently work with. We've partnered with Winter Moon Farm since 2010. Michael Doctor recognized a need for delicious local produce during the harsh New England winter. Michael's schedule is almost opposite of what you would think of for a farmer in the northeast - he lays low in the summer, the autumn and winter are his busiest times of the year, growing, harvesting and storing everything from watermelon radishes to rainbow beets to purple top turnips to carrots.



Michael Doctor owner of Winter Moon Roots


Rosendo showing us freshly picked carrots in August


Unfortunately all good things must come to an end -- Winter Moon is finished for the season. They'll be resting their fields, cover cropping until Autumn when they'll need to prepare the fields for a new growing season.

This week will be the last week for spring-dug parsnips from Winter Moon Roots!


season update

Local News

It's getting to the end of the storage crop season, and we'll starting to see some new produce availability.

What are storage crops?

Storage crops are harvested in the fall and store well throughout the winter with minimum effort. If you're a homesteader to maintain a secure food supply during the winter, you'll need to rely on storage crops, or preserving methods for your produce.



Peak citrus season

Northern New England lacks the ideal semi-tropical climate needed to produce citrus fruits as an outdoors crop. We look towards California and the rest of our organic network to get us the burst of Vitamin C we're craving after winter. 


local this week

Winter Moon Farm
Hadley, MA
Spring Dug Parsnips

Brookford Farm
Canterbury, NH
Scarlet Turnips

Happy Valley Organics
Whatley, MA


Queen's Greens
Amherst, MA

Winter Gem Mixed Salad Greens

Watermelon Radishes

White & Crimini Mushrooms

New York


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