The $29 Dogma Box – Are you up for the challenge?

Posted by Boston Organics on Dec 17, 2008 4:47:00 PM

Starting next week, December 23rd Boston Organics will be offering the Dogma Box. This box will include produce sourced as close to Boston as possible. This box is intended for customers that believe it is of utmost importance to purchase organic produce that is grown as close to home as possible.

The box will consist of approximately 8-14 items. We'll source produce close to home and move further out until we can provide at least 8 unique items. NO SUBSTITUTIONS or NO LISTS will be allowed in this box. In the winter you may only get a box full of root vegetables. As the harvest season has come to end, many of the items in the boxes will be coming from storage.

For the early winter we will have access to root crops and some winter squash from New England. We will also have access to a few items grown indoors like sprouts and hot-house tomatoes. As we head deeper into winter and spring we will start sourcing items along the East coast as far south as Florida if necessary.

Ultimately, we would like to offer only Mass grown vegetables year round in the Dogma box. Unfortunately at this time, we do not have access to enough local produce to make this happen. Read here to learn more about the challenges and what we are doing to increase the supply.

As this is a new offering and not set in stone we would love your feedback. Is this Dogma box not hardcore enough for you? How would you like to see it improved? Please send us your feedback.

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