Broccoli - Total Crop Failure

Posted by Boston Organics on Jun 18, 2009 2:27:14 AM

We just learned that Rick Pedersen of Pedersen Farm lost his entire crop of broccoli for the season. This is the same farm that provided that awesome asparagus the past 5-6 weeks. There were two main contributing factors. Early in the season there were heavy rains that damaged many of the seedlings. This was followed by exceptionally hot and dry weather which attracted a blight of flea beetles; unfortunately there are few effective organic controls. Had he been farming conventionally, Rick would have had more options to save the crop. One can imagine the non organic options, although effective are probably more toxic.

This is a pretty bad blow to Pedersen Farm. We had planned to hand out his broccoli as long as it was available. We are certain he had other customers lined up too.

Our commitment to certified organic standards and agriculture. This is one reason why we are so committed to supporting organic growers. As this illustrates, organic growers are really exposed to greater risk than conventional/non-certified growers. We feel it is very important to support them whenever it is possible and reward them for their commitment to sustainable growing practices

We plan to hand out Pedersen’s edamame beans this season. There has been a little bit of a glitch as the beans look like they will be available later than anticipated. We have made arrangements with other growers for vegetables for that time period. We will figure out a way to get those beans in the boxes!

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