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Posted by Boston Organics on Jul 31, 2009 7:03:10 AM

Michael Pollan’s most recent book In Defense of Food and article in the New York Times hit on a key but underlying theme about what Boston Organics is partially about; encouraging and supporting a lifestyle of eating and preparing simple ingredients. While living in San Francisco from 1995-2002, I underwent a lifestyle transformation. Part of that transformation included eating more healthy foods thanks to a home delivery service called Planet Organics. I had always considered myself a healthy person that exercised regularly and ate a balanced diet.

Receiving a mystery box of produce every week made me aware of how little I cooked and how little I knew about fruit and vegetables. It was sink or swim; would I be able to get through the box in time before the produce went bad or the next week’s delivery arrived? I stuck with it and without consciously realizing it I started to spend a little more time in the kitchen as well as feel better and more positive. As I started cooking more with basic ingredients, I found myself reading packaged food labels more and eating less processed foods. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat processed foods. I try to eat ones that have ingredients I recognize.

It’s funny, a few years ago while making a delivery, one customer commented that with Boston Organics, “you really have to roll up your sleeves and get dirty”. I had not really thought of the service in that way before, but it's kind of true. For the most part, you have to be actively engaged to utilize this service. We’ll pick the order, determine most of the contents, and deliver it to you; but after that, it’s up to you to decide how you will eat it. Some level of preparation is required.

Although time is a huge factor in why we cook less, there are other less obvious reasons that Pollan describes. One thing that I have realized over and over is that it usually takes about the same amount of time to cook a meal as it does to order and receive take out. With three children, and a small business (my other child), I’ve been able to cook dinner almost every night for my family. It’s often as simple as adding sautéed vegetables to pasta, burritos or rice, or chopped tomatoes, lettuce and avocado to tacos. We’ll order take out occasionally, but more to give me a mental break; however deciding what to have for take-out can be draining too.

If you are new to Boston Organics, you may find yourself being challenged to get through all the food. I encourage you to stick with it. Obviously we will benefit from your continued business, but ultimately you may find it rewarding in ways you had not expected.

– Jeff (owner and founder of Boston Organics)

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