Local Peas and Red/Purple Flesh Potato Add-Ons!

Posted by Boston Organics on Jul 25, 2010 2:50:34 AM

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This week (July 26th-July 31st), we will be offering certified organic red and purple potatoes (2 lb bags) as well as English peas (1 lb) as add-ons..

The peas need to be shelled (pods can not be eaten).

These will be provided to us by Charlie's Redhouse Farm located in Winchendon, MA. The farm is operated by the same people who own the Red House Restaurant and Charlie’s Kitchen in Cambridge.Their intent is to supply their restaurants with their very own local, certified organic produce. They are pretty low key about their farm to fork efforts but we think it is very cool and worth highlighting.

This is their first year at it and they have some extra produce. We are very happy to have connected with them and hope this is only the beginning.

As this was not planned, we only have access to a limited supply and were not able to get the items into any of the boxes (except for peas in the Dogma box).

Also, as is often the case with many smaller, local organic farms, it is more costly for them to grow and harvest their fruits and vegetables as almost all the labor is manual with little automation/mechanization. In addition, most of these farms do not utilize subsidized labor. This requires them to charge a price that makes it difficult for us to get the items into your boxes; but in the least, it allows us to offer them to you as an add-on.

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