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Posted by Boston Organics on Sep 6, 2019 10:32:34 AM

Our customers do not need to choose the Dogma box to support local farmers. Though there is no legal definition for the term "local", at Boston Organics we take a more regional approach by sourcing much of our local produce from the northeast region (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine).

Let's take a peak into our Standard and Specialty boxes this week to find out which have the most local produce!

Box contents are for Sept 2 - Sept 6, 2019. Customers' produce preferences may change the exact contents of the box.

kale_in_box1_1080pxPhoto credit: Boston Organics - kale

eggplant_mixed_asian1_1080pxPhoto credit: Boston Organics - mixed eggplants


battle of the standard-size boxes:

All Fruit

2/3 Fruit - 1/3 Veg

Half Fruit Half Veg

2/3 Veg - 1/3 Fruit

All Veg

20% local

33% local

50% local

67% local

100% local!!!

  2 Fuji Apples (Chile) 2 Gala Apples (CA) 2 Gala Apples (CA)  
  1.5 lb Bananas (Colombia, Ecuador, or Peru) 1.5 lb Bananas (Colombia, Ecuador, or Peru) 1.5 lb Bananas (Colombia, Ecuador, or Peru) 1 Basil (3/4oz clamshell) (MA)
2 Fuji Apples (Chile) 1 Mangoes (Mexico) 2 Kiwis (New Zealand) 2 Bartlett Pears (CA) 1 Sweet Bell Peppers (MA)
1.5 lb Bananas (Colombia, Ecuador, or Peru) 2 Valencia Oranges (CA) 1 Mangoes (Mexico) 2 Pluots (CA) 3 Corn (MA)
3 Kiwis (New Zealand) 2 Bartlett Pears (CA) 2 Bartlett Pears (CA) 1 Basil (3/4oz clamshell) (MA) 1 lb Pickling Cucumbers (MA)
1 Mangoes (Mexico) 2 Pluots (CA) 3 Plums (CA) 1 Green Bell Peppers (MA) 0.75 lb Assorted Eggplant (MA)
2 Valencia Oranges (CA) 1 Grapefruit (CA) 1 Basil (3/4oz clamshell) (MA) 1 lb Carrots (MA) 0.25 lb Jalapeno Peppers (MA)
2 Peaches (CA) 3 Kiwis (New Zealand) 1 Sweet Bell Peppers (MA) 1 Fennel (MA) 1 Kale (bunch) (MA)
2 Bartlett Pears (CA) 1 Red Leaf Lettuce (head) (MA) 1 Chard (bunch) (MA) 1 Kale (bunch) (MA) 1 Red Leaf Lettuce (head) (MA)
4 Plums (CA) 1 Collard Greens (bunch) (MA) 2 Corn (MA) 1 Red Leaf Lettuce (head) (MA) 1 Radishes (bunch) (MA)
1 Blueberries (half-pint) (ME) 0.75 lb Pickling Cucumbers (MA) 1 Red Leaf Lettuce (head) (MA) 2 lb Potatoes (MA) 0.5 lb Tomatillos (MA)
1 Cantaloupe (MA) 1 lb Tomatoes (MA) 0.75 lb Heirloom Tomatoes (MA) 1 lb Tomatoes (MA) 0.75 lb Tomatoes (MA)


All vegetable, all local!

We try to source as local as possible and that's clear in this week's Standard-sized All Vegetable box. This week's produce all comes from Massachusetts! Jalapeno peppers, tomatillos, and eggplants from The Kitchen Garden. Tomatoes, kale, lettuce, and cucumbers from Atlas Farm. Bell peppers, and radishes from Riverland Farm. Corn from Lakeside Organics. Basil from Happy Valley Organics.

kitchen_garden_farm_082319_caroline_pam_jeff_barry_back_of_shirt_2Photo credit: Jeff and Caroline at one of Kitchen Garden Farm's fields

Photo credit: Boston Organics - Kitchen Garden's compost pile. The compost is so nutrient-rich that the surrounding stalks flourished!

Studies estimate that fresh produce travels over 1,500 miles from the field to the consumer before being eaten (ATTRA). The farmer furthest from our warehouse in Charlestown, MA is 230 miles! Produce is spending less time traveling from farm to table which ultimately decreases the vehicle emissions and cuts down on travel time so that you're getting the freshest produce possible.

Let's see what's up with our specialty boxes...


There's something special about these boxes:

Small Box

Family Box

Dogma Box

42% local

50% local

100% local!!!

1 Fuji Apples (Chile) 4 Fuji Apples (Chile)  
1 lb Bananas (Colombia, Ecuador, or Peru) 4 lb Bananas (Colombia, Ecuador, or Peru)  
1 Broccoli (bunch) (CA) 1 Cauliflower (CA) 1 Basil (3/4oz clamshell) (MA)
1 Kiwis (New Zealand) 4 Kiwis (New Zealand) 1 Cantaloupe (MA)
1 Valencia Oranges (CA) 4 Bartlett Pears (CA) 0.5 lb Garlic Scapes (VT)
1 Bartlett Pears (CA) 4 Pluots (CA) 1 Kale (bunch) (MA)
2 Pluots (CA) 1 lb Assorted Snack Peppers (MA) 1 lb Leeks (MA)
1 lb Potatoes (MA) 1 Spaghetti Squash (MA) 1 Red Leaf Lettuce (head) (MA)
0.5 lb Tomatoes (MA) 1 Cabbage (MA) 2 Poblano Peppers (MA)
0.75 lb Pickling Cucumbers (MA) 1 Cantaloupe (MA) 0.5 lb Assorted Snack Peppers (MA)
0.5 lb Assorted Eggplant (MA) 2 Kale (bunch) (MA) 1 Spaghetti Squash (MA)
1 Green Bell Peppers (MA) 2 Red Leaf Lettuce (head) (MA) 0.75 lb Tomatoes (MA)


Photo credit: Boston Organics - Garlic scapes growing
Photo credit: Boston Organics - Tomatoes growing on vine at Atlas Farm


Dogma box, local all year

Our Dogma box is a standard-sized box made of entirely local produce. We look for produce close to home and move further out until we can provide at least 8 unique items. Snack peppers, leeks, and cantaloupe from Riverland Farm. Garlic scapes from Witchcat Farm. Tomatoes, kale, lettuce, and spaghetti squash from Atlas Farm. Basil from Happy Valley Organics. Poblano peppers from The Kitchen Garden.

The Dogma Box lets you eat seasonally year round. In the summer time you'll get a bountiful harvest of everything from lettuce to swiss chard, sweet corn to salad tomatoes. As autumn takes hold the box contents start to include more root vegetables, winter squash and apples, and over the winter you'll see storage crops like carrots, potatoes or onions. Once spring comes around, the growing season gets going again and the local box greens up with lots of early season produce.

Interested in switching your box? There's no fee! Email and we can help you!

 Why do you eat local? Share in the comments below!

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