Go GREEN in your office!

Posted by Boston Organics on Oct 28, 2019 8:00:00 AM

You eat organic and sustainable at home, but now you want to bring it into the office. Here are areas to help you get your office started on a greener future!

Water running from a tap into a kitchen sinkenergy and water

  • Lighting: Turn off the lights. Switch bulb types (LED are more efficient and last longer!). Utilize occupancy sensors. Open a window for natural light.
  • Computer: Turn off power strips that aren't being used. Adjust your low power mode settings. Turn off your computer at the end of the day!
  • Temperature: Maintain consistent temperature throughout the day. Turn DOWN the thermostat at the end of the day. 
  • Water: Stop water waste by checking the faucets. Alert facilities of any leaky faucets.

Compost and Recycle bo_composting_breakroom_black_earth_compost

  • Make recycling easy for your coworkers by placing recycling bins next to trash bins.
  • Set up compost bins (We use Black Earth Compost!).


  • Encourage the use of public transportation, bikes, car pooling, ride sharing, and walking routes to commute to work. Companies and employees can save on T passes with MBTA's PERQ program.
  • Consider replacing business travel with video conferencing. 
  • If using a car for work (commute or business trips), use a fuel-efficient, or electric car.


Your coworkers want a greener office too, but getting started can be intimidating. Be the green-advocate in your office! Offices can also become certified green: Harvard, Tufts, or get your building LEED certified.

Are you proud of your office's efforts to be green? Share with us in the comments below! You can also email us to be considered for a healthy office feature: Marketing@Bostonorganics.com

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