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Posted by Boston Organics on Jul 11, 2022 7:35:01 AM

Dear Boston Organics Community:

Starting on July 18th, 2022 our $27, $32, $42, $48 and $60 produce boxes will now cost $30, $36, $47, $54 and $67 respectively. The Custom Box pricing will not change.

The price increase will allow us to provide more and/or diverse organic fruits and vegetables. You should notice an increase in the amount and/or variety of produce in your box.

As a thank you for your loyalty - existing, impacted residential customers will automatically receive a weekly credit of up to $5 to be used for Grocery Add-Ons in each delivery received between Monday, July 18 and Friday September 2, 2022. Details about the credit are below.

This is our first price increase since 2015! As you can imagine, the prices we pay to our farmers and suppliers as well as the costs to run the business (wages, rent, fuel, etc) have all increased significantly in the past seven years. The inflation we've all experienced the past months has exacerbated the situation.

Beginning with deliveries made the week of July 18, 2022, the new box prices will be:

Small Box: $30 (formerly $27)
Standard Box: $36 (formerly $32)
Local Box: $36 (formerly $32)
Medium Box: $47 (formerly $42)
Large Box: $67 (formerly $60)
Family Box: $67 (formerly $60)
Standard Office: $36 (formerly $32)
Large Office: $54 (formerly $48)



For more info, check out our FAQs below, or reach out to us at

Your Partner in Sustainable Eating,
Jeff Barry, President & Founder
Boston Organics


When does the credit for existing impacted residential customers begin and end?
The credit will be applied to orders delivered between July 18 and September 2, 2022.

Who is eligible for the credit?
All impacted residential customers who have signed up before Friday July 15, 2022 and are in good standing —meaning they have no outstanding, overdue invoices as of 12:00pm Friday, July 15. Those who sign up for the first time after 12:00pm Friday, July 15 will not be eligible. Customers that receive or switch to a "Custom Box" will not receive the credit.

If I don’t use a credit, will it roll over to the next week?
No, the credits will be applied one week at a time. They will not accrue if unused.

Do I need to apply the credit, or is it automatic?
The credit will be automatically applied to eligible accounts. No additional action is needed.

Will I still get the credit if I switch my box size?
Yes. You can switch your box size or frequency within the credit period and still receive the credit. If you switch to a "Custom Box", you will not receive the credit.

Will I receive a credit if I don’t have any Grocery Add-Ons in my order?
No. The credit will only be applied to impacted accounts with Grocery Add-Ons in their delivery.

What if my Grocery Add-Ons total less than $5?
Your credit is good for up to $5. For example, if you only have $2.50 worth of Grocery Add-Ons in your delivery, you will receive a $2.50 credit. You will not be refunded the difference, nor will the difference roll over into your next billing period.

What products do you have that are less than $5?
You can use your credit toward any Grocery Add-On purchase. But if you don’t want to exceed the credit value, we have a number of organic groceries you can choose from, like snack bars, popcorn, vegetable broth, coconut milk, pasta, string cheese, pizza dough, eggs, oatmeal cups and lots of produce items. Check out our full range of Grocery Add-Ons.

I am worried I won’t be able to afford the price increase, but I love the service. Do you have any tips on how I can make your service as cost-effective as possible?
With our wide variety of offerings and flexibility, you should be able to keep your budget using the following strategies...

  1. Switch to a smaller box, and consider adding some Grocery Add-Ons to round out your order.
  2. Switch to the Custom Box and order exactly what you want within your budget.
  3. Contact Us and we will assist you with a new order that works for you!

If you have questions that were not answered above, please call or send an email to

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